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About Our Consumer Sugar-Free/Low Calorie Products

 About STEVIA®

Stevia, an herb derived from the whole leaf of a shrub native to Paraguay, has been used for over 1500 years by native Guarani Indians in South America.  Added to one's diet on a regular basis, it has been reported to benefit the individual in many positives ways.  Studies show Stevia aids in digestion, minimizes hunger sensations, minimizes cravings for sweets or fatty foods, stabilizes blood glucose levels and shortens the recovery time from cold and flu viruses.

The Stevia we use in Abundant Life Foods' products is the highest quality available on today's market.  In concentrated powder form, our Stevia products have a high content of "Rebaudioside A", which  is the sweetest component of the stevia, making up only 4% of a stevia leaf.

Other products on the market containing stevia may be derived from the stevioside extract, which is somewhat bitter and of less quality.