Nutrition Club Products Only

Our Nutrition Club products are made and packaged specifically for Nutrition Clubs and their clients. We offer various sizes and flavors to fit your needs and taste buds.  We are proud to sweeten all our Sugar Free products with Stevia, a natural sugar free sweetener.

All Nutrition Club products are KOSHER and  SUGAR FREE, sweetened with STEVIA.

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Gluten Free

Certified Gluten Free and Kosher Certified Products

Our Gluten Free Production Facility is certified to less than 10 ppm (the highest industry standard).

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ALF Sugar Free Products

The ALF Sugar Free Products in the three categories were developed and packaged in sizes with directions specifically for Consumers.

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Consumer Products Include:

  • Sugar Free Beverages - STEVIA Sweetened
  • Sugar Free Gelatins - Splenda Sweetened
  • Sugar Free Puddings - Splenda Sweetened

Now Certified Kosher

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Newest Items

These products are the latest addition to our store.

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CGF-Ginger Cake Mix
Caramel Apple Pie Puree
Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Latte Dry Flavoring Syrup Mix
Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Dry Flavoring Syrup Mix - Non Dairy
Pumpkin Pie Pudding Mix Sweetened with Stevia

Our Mission

Abundant Life Foods has as its mission the desire to provide exceptional, high quality non-GMO gluten free dry mixes for all who seek a gluten free life style and sugar free dry dessert mixes for those with diabetes, as well as fruit, vegetable, meat and breakfast combo purees which meet the dietary needs of those with dysphagia. All of our products are so yummy one will find them amazing.